Why Haweka ProClamps

Why use Haweka Equipment?

Keeping ahead of the competition in today’s competitive environment is very demanding. Your competitor is offering similar services to you, and pressure is put on margins.

How does HAWEKA do it?

With HAWEKA AXIS equipment it is not necessary to jack up the vehicle and perform the run-out compensation. This is where the majority of time is saved. HAWEKA achieves this by using a highly accurate magnetic clamp design that is attached to the face of the wheel. The clamp’s axis is exactly 90 degrees to the three points, and therefore is sitting on the wheel in the ‘as-driven position’.

HAWEKA'S magnetic clamps are extremely rigid and do not suffer from the same distortion all the other clamps suffer from, as they are not tightened to the wheel rim.

Haweka 3 point clamp

For alloy wheels, grab arms are available so the feet sit square on the wheel face.

What does ‘as-driven’ mean?

‘As driven’ means that we have to align the vehicle as if it was driven down the road. The biggest error introduced into an alignment job is during the run-out compensation.

As most vehicles today have an independent suspension, the wheel drops when jacked up, and thus the camber changes and the toe setting ‘tucks’ either in or out. When the vehicle is lowered back down, it is virtually impossible to re-settle the vehicle without driving several miles down the road. Now the readings you measure are incorrect, and the vehicle is adjusted according to the ‘non driven position’. This is both technically incorrect, and can cause major tyre wear, the very thing the alignment job is trying to solve!!!

So HAWEKA AXIS systems are designed for measurment in the as-driven position.

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