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QuickPlates – fast, easy and accurate for any past, present and future PCD’s

Haweka’s QuickPlate system replaces traditional flange plates, no more searching for lost pins and checking out-of-date charts for correct stud spacing.

For the tyre/wheel combination to be balanced correctly, the wheel has to be mounted to the wheel balancer on the same axis (x-axis) as it is fitted on the vehicle. If the wheel is not balanced properly there will be a vibration.

Mount the wheel on the wheel balancer just like the wheel is mounted on the vehicles hub (mirror image mounting). This simulates the hub of the vehicle, X-axis alignment (centre of wheel) and the QuickPlate simulates the wheel nuts. The wing nut then provides the equal torque to each stud on the QuickPlate Y-axis alignment (perpendicular to hub)

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