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Haweka - Wheel Balancing Problem Solver

A company specialising in the restoration of classic Austin Healey 3000 sports cars was receiving a high number of complaints from customers experiencing severe steering wheel vibration at various speeds.

They were advised by their tyre supplier to contact Haweka for advice. Haweka's experts quickly identified that incorrect balance of the "knock on" wire wheels was the cause of the problem. The standard cones on the wheel balancer were not centering the wheel on the balancer shaft.

Once Haweka's "wire wheel kit" was used to mount the wheels on the balancer the problem was eliminated. A consistent repeatable balance could be confirmed with a "check spin" every time. If you need free advice on wheel balancing, regardless of the wheel or balancer type do not hesitate to call us.

To arrange a demonstration or request further information:

Call 01752 219 124 or email enquiries(at)haweka.co.uk

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