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Commercial wheel alignment specialists, Haweka, are proud to announce that Mercedes-Benz has approved their Axis4000 wheel alignment system for use in their commercial dealer workshops across the UK.

The approval follows many months of Mercedes-Benz rigorously testing the alignment equipment to ensure the Haweka Axis4000 system is capable of measuring their commercial vehicles, including trucks, buses, trailers and vans.

John Pullin, Haweka’s General Manager, said; “Haweka are very proud to have been awarded the approval of Mercedes-Benz. We have been working closely with Mercedes for a number of months now ensuring our Axis4000 passed the Mercedes-Benz extensive tests and meeting all their requirements for their dealer workshops. A unique derivative, the Axis4000MB, has been introduced and the software has been be-spoked to meet the specific requirements of Mercedes-Benz service procedures. The Axis4000MB wheel aligner will allow Mercedes-Benz commercial workshops to undertake real time, highly accurate and fast measurements on their vehicles.”

The computer-based, camera wheel alignment system allows the vehicle data to be quickly and conveniently selected making fast measurement of total and single toe, steering middle position, castor, camber, KPI, thrust angle, max steering turn, out of square and axle offset.

Measurement of the vehicle takes place in the ‘as driven position’. Patented ProClamp wheel clamps with magnetic feet ensure rapid fitment of the cameras to steel wheels. Additional grab arms are supplied for use on vehicles fitted with aluminium wheels.

The wireless camera measuring heads guarantee instantaneous recording of real time data with adjustments immediately displayed on the monitor. The Axis4000MB provides a printout of the before and after readings and settings which can be handed to the customer.

With the latest approval, Haweka is looking forward to working with Mercedes-Benz and assisting their dealer workshops enhance their alignment facilities.

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