Wheel Alignment

Wheel Alignment

Correct wheel alignment saves on fuel costs (up to 10%) and increases tyre life by up to 25%. It also improves ride and driver comfort.

All HAWEKA AXIS systems are extremely user friendly. They are quick to use and very accurate, as the vehicle is measured in the driving position.

Commercial vehicle alignment

HAWEKA are leading experts in Commercial vehicle alignment, which is distinctly different from car alignment. Trucks and buses reference the vehicle CHASSIS or SUB-FRAME, whereas car alignment is axle to axle. See Frequently Asked Questions.

Truck & Bus AXIS systems

HAWEKA systems make alignment quick easy and precise:

  • The vehicle is driven onto turning plates, so no lifting is needed.
  • Accurate - all measurements taken in the driving position.
  • Laser heads are magnetically mounted and there is a quick
    clamping device for alloy rims.
  • Quick and accurate measurement of toe, camber, caster, KPI
    and axle offset, with live readings for adjustment.

To see the HAWEKA AXIS4000 camera system in action watch the short video below.

For find out more about the AXIS4000 click here.

HAWEKA also manufactures a tractor alignment system, AXIS50, for all types of agricultural machinery.

  • Accurate - all measurements taken in the driving position.
  • Measures toe-in and toe-out in the vehicle driving position.

Why do wheel alignment on commercial vehicles?

Independent testing shows multiple benefits of correct wheel alignment. For an independent report that demonstrated the cost saving, click here.

  • Reduce tyre wear
    • Correct alignment extends tyre life by up to 25%.
  • Reduce fuel consumption
    • 10mm mis-alignment on ONE wheel increases usage 4%.
    • Savings of up to 5% per vehicle easily achieved.

Why use the Haweka AXIS equipment?

Haweka UK are experts in commercial vehicle wheel alignment.

  • Measurements are easy, rapid and accurate
    • Vehicle measured in 15 minutes.
      • Simple magnetic/grab-arm wheel mounting - patented.
      • No vehicle lifting.
      • Fast measurement of toe, camber and axle mis-match.
  • So quick and easy, can be done routinely at each service.
  • Speed and ease of use ensure that tyre wear and fuel consumption are minimised.
  • No waiting for mobile service.

To arrange a demonstration or request further information:

Call 01752 219 124 or email enquiries(at)haweka.co.uk

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